The World is Not Ending – Our Present Situation



The world is not ending.

Please read the special message at the end from the Holy Spirit – it was written just for you as you wake up tomorrow.

When you wake up tomorrow and begin to realize all of the horrible things that are happening all around the world just in the first 9 months of this year, you will probably want to vomit. I understand.

Our political situation is divisive, old hatreds are re-surfacing, we are threatening the old, the poor, the sick, the mentally ill with reducing or eliminating their health care/insurance/Medicaid. The middle class and the elderly are threatened with health insurance premiums increase to ridiculous levels all so that health insurance providers can make more billions of dollars.

We have our 4th largest city Houston, rotting turning into a mold and mildew paradise. We have death and destruction from hurricanes from the Caribbean to Florida. We have the poor, disabled, elderly and illegal immigrants not receiving care or assistance.

Add to that the two earthquakes to our beloved neighbors to the south, Mexico. I cannot remember a time such as this. Yes, losing President Kennedy was awful and painful, but it was a single event. But this, gives new meaning to the word cluster****. There are no words to describe how I feel.

My heart especially goes out to those parents and families whose children were crushed in that Mexican school. Now if I were a Christian Evangelical believer I would be ecstatic- thinking that the “rapture,” was near and I would be meeting Jesus soon. That is so screwed up. if you want to meet Jesus, go help the rescuers taking out those dead young bodies. That is where Jesus is. He in all of his energy is helping people help people. He is unconditionally loving and hugging and listening to all the people he meets. He is looking to the governments of the world and the wealthy people and corporations to ask where is the money to fix the lives of these broken people. Or a better question that Jesus would ask is why did these people- “my brothers and sisters,” live in such crap houses that they blew away or collapsed.

I wonder why fear and greed are more on the minds of governments than helping their own people. Why is building bigger rockets or having a bigger military more important than the care and education for some kid down the street named Jose or Joey or Mohammad?

I am sorry, clearly I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore. Please join me in prayer and meditation on these points.

Sorry, I received a message that I wanted to share, and then the rest of this post just spilled out.

The message that I received from the Holy Spirit is that “Everything is going to be alright, only if you change your ways, change your government, change your part in the political process. You need to stand up from your little life and demand that you share everything that makes the United States of America,” one of the greatest countries in the world. We only got there because we always helped others along with ourselves. Not because we excluded other people.

The second part of the message has to do with praying or raising all of your brothers and sisters to the highest possible vibration in each of their lives. Do it and do it often, it is the only thing that can help at this point. Prayers of unconditional love do make a difference and will help to make our world whole again.