About Richard

Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive & Healer, Ordained Minister

Love Yourself First, Best and Always

About Richard

Richard Schickel is a natural born intuitive. He learned how to harness his spiritual gifts and developed them into being a gifted psychic medium and medical intuitive and healer.  He is also an empathic who is sensitive to the needs and wants of people around him. Additionally, he is an ordained minister.

Richard is able to read a person’s heart, mind and soul, and uses his discernment to determine what has happened in their lives that has brought them to where they are today.  He likes to talk about how people build castle walls around themselves to protect them from people and events in their lives. Richard is able to parachute into the courtyard of a person’s castle and learn what is important to them and will allow them to change and grow in their lives.

Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healings have resulted using Richard’s methods.  He credits God, the Holy Spirit or the Universal Energy of Love and Healing as the source of this information and energy. He advises people to allow themselves to Love Themselves First, Best and Always.  This involves forgiving and releasing unwanted parts of your past or past relationships, feelings and emotions. He specializes in healing and resolving past and present trauma, grief, and abuse situations.  He has a recognized “method” that allows clients to discover old secrets and release them forever giving them future peace. 

Richard is a teacher and a student.  He listens and evaluates what his clients are saying and feeling, because he can feel their energy in his own body.  He leads the search for them to rediscover joy in their lives.  Richard advocates that his clients “Pray, Meditate and Shut Up and Listen!”  He teaches them how to seek and connect with their own Divine Connection with what they believe is the Creator Energy.

You never know what Richard is going to say, but he is honest, caring, and discreet and wants you to have the best life you can.

Disclaimer: Advice is offered by way of information I receive from Spirit. It is not meant to replace advice from medical, mental health or business professionals, but rather to supplement it. The advice of a spiritual medium should be used to offer an enhanced vision for your present-day or future decisions. Information is given based on your energy and circumstances at the time of the reading. And remember – we all have free will to make our own decisions and choices!

“I think God led me straight to your door—I felt like giving up on life and you showed me how that would only make more unresolved karma. I really appreciate your integrity. You told me exactly what you saw—and it confirmed everything that I already knew.” (Perth, Australia)

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My guest appearance on “Trending Fear” airs January 24, 2020!


Richard Schickel