The minute I shook hands with Richard there was an immediate connection. He is a genuine psychic healer and helped me connect to my spirit connection and life path at age 73. He provides a safe sacred place for you to heal. Thank you. Billie Tucson

I felt right at home with Richard. He tuned on to so many things about me that I knew right away that his intuition was very strong. It was very healing to be in his presence and to discuss various issues that have occupied my thoughts, and what my journey ahead should be. I left with a feeling of well-being and renewed vitality. I would highly recommend Richard. -Scott from Scottsdale

Mr. Schickel is an amazing professional! Very good at getting people back on track in their lives. Very positive and uplifting. I felt like he was talking to God just for me. He really knows his stuff; he had enough faith for both of us. Peter, Laguna Beach

Richards reading for my husband, and it was amazing. He brought up something that I had only told one person about. It was spot on and helped my emotional health immensely! He is extremely comfortable to be around, and I plan on visiting him again in the future. -Becky
Clear messages, great sense of humor! Palm Springs

I have trust issues, so I am always very cautious…but I am so grateful and happy that I made this appointment. This was such an amazing experience! Richard quickly connected all the dots in my life. He gave me so much good advice, I felt rebalanced in my life again. He gave me prayers and tools to use with my patients and family. I truly learned so much. He is truly such a beautiful soul! I am so happy I found this needle in a haystack. -Erin Tucson

My heart is glad that I finally took the step and connected with you. As I look over your notes from our session I am in awe of your loving connection to the Divine Source. You showed me how to radiate love without concern for results. Although my reading explored very intimate and painful past feelings and memories, you gave me tools to release myself from the past. You were so respectful, compassionate and understanding. You knew me better than I care to admit to myself. You know things, you are truly a gifted healer. Bless you in your work! Moria, Tucson,AZ

We worked together after I met you at the Conscious Life Fair in LA. You were at your little table passing out Holy medals and holy salt. I have been to hundreds of psychic fairs over the years and never saw a reader talk about the “God energy.” Your reading was so pure, so loving and it changed my life. Thank you for setting me on a new path. Loren Hollywood Hills, CA

I thank God that He directed me to you. Our reading brought up a lot of old shit in my life and you identified it, assessed what to do, and then got rid of it. You gave me the tools help myself stay healthy and balanced. Sarah, Long Island, NY

I really found your reading accurate and rather amusing this past weekend. When you described me as focused, deliberate and tired, that was so “me”. I do too much and am always somewhat overextended. I don’t relax. I have always been very intuitive and have kept it a secret. I know I am an empath and have had to shield myself from negative energy. I’ve always felt like an advisor and try to help people heal, but it depleted me. I love your method of imagining a body-sized condom and protecting my whole self in it. Thank you so much. Marge from Chicago

Thank you for helping me and my wife as she prepared to leave this world. Yesterday-she passed away, but not with the darkness that she lived with for so many years, but with the Love and Light of God. Because you shared the unconditional love that you hold in your heart every day. You told me once to “keep looking up, and face whatever the world has sent your way.” This gave me a new lease on my life. You gave me hope. Everything I am doing today and in the future YOU made possible. Words could never convey the gratitude that I feel to you Richard and the God energy that you share.- Ken- Tucson

I want to thank you for the reading, it was very enlightening and empowered me to move forward in a miraculous way! Your cord-cutting procedure changed my future life. You are hilarious! You identified my “nun style-Bi-sexuality” and revealed how I have hidden from my strong sexual energy. It has caused me so much grief over the years. Your work has opened many doors for me. Thank you!

I am so honored to receive this letter from Ruth Berger of Chicago- the person who first recognized my psychic medium abilities 18 years ago. I recently did a reading for her and her daughter. Ruth has done readings for 44 years. She has written six books on metaphysical subjects and in 1998 Good Housekeeping Magazine named her as one of the top five Medical Intuitives in the United States. Her letter states- “Dear Richard,Thank you for one of the finest psychic readings that I have ever had. You are truly amazing and swift. You go to the heart of a past or present problem and identify it so easily and lovingly that I find you incredible. You’re like a medium, therapist, historian and Professor, all in one person. The best part is how kind you are in finding the best words to be find solutions to rid people of old negative patterns.Bless you for all that you are and all you do. Ruth Berger- Chicago

I have been in seeing a psychologist for 5 months and in just one day, you have uncovered my root issues. Your words and the energy that you sent to surround me have saved me and my marriage. Carefree, AZ

Thank you so much! I know I feel better after hearing what you said. I feel healed already! I feel very blessed to have met you and will definitely be seeing you again. Tucson, AZ

I appreciate everything that you told me, even though it is not what I wanted to hear. But the truth won out! Six months later—everything happened as you said it would. Thank You— you redirected the course of my life. Chicago, IL

I use to blame my life on others but I realized I am an adult and now responsible for my own actions. I am now conscious of the decisions I make and my life is now influenced by the choices I make. I needed to choose to be happy and choose what I wanted. But this often resulted in more self hate. But I wished for a best friend, someone to do things with, someone to share my thoughts, someone that would not be judgmental, someone that would show me unconditional love, someone that would treat me like I am the sun that lights the world. Finally, I hit a low and I knew I needed help…I found you. I was hoping to get rejuvenated in a 2 hour reading but it turned into more. So much more, it changed my life completely. because you Mr. Schickel gave me unconditional love. My wish came true, I have found the person I have been asking for my whole life. Tucson, AZ

I think God led me straight to your door—I felt like giving up on life and you showed me how that would only make more unresolved karma. I really appreciate your integrity. You told me exactly what you saw—and it confirmed everything that I already knew. Perth, Australia

I appreciate you spending so much extra time with me! I needed someone to just listen to my miserable life. You did and then showed me how to just put down my baggage and move on to my future—unencumbered. I feel so light now. Blessings back at you! Scottsdale, AZ

I had suppressed some things in my life for a long time and was starting to pay the price. Richard, You offered me the truth in a kind and tender way and it changed my life. Tucson, AZ

I am so excited, it is like you have opened up a whole new life for me. I was so stubborn and stupid to wait this long for my reawakening to blossom. Tucson, AZ

The funny thing is that you did not tell me anything I did not already know deep in my heart! But you helped me to open my self to “Loving Myself First!” I am so grateful. San Clemente, CA

You are AMAZING! Everything you told me was accurate. I am going to try your advice and “pray, meditate and shut up and listen.” Seattle, Washington

Richard, everything you told me two years ago came true. Despite my stubbornness that I wanted things my own way. I am now happily divorced and for the first time in my life nurturing me—Loving Myself! I am so glad I met you! Davenport, Iowa

Very complete, very thorough! You have amazing clarity! I have been psychic since I was a little girl. I have always been afraid of it. You showed me how to release the fear and welcome my Gifts. I am still working on it, but I am so much better off now than before. New York City

Your words have been swirling in my head since our session. I have really been trying to focus on the now and on the future and obsessing less about the past. You helped me look at things in a whole new way. Dearborn, MI

I saw you last year and your compassionate reading changed my life. Blessed Be Those Who Serve! Rosedale, IN

Thanks for the great session today! Can’t stop talking about it! You were spot on in everything we discussed. Tucson, AZ

Rich, Thank You for the Sessions. You gave me the fuel to do what I need to start my new life. Sedona, AZ

Richard, I don’t know if I can ever express my gratitude for what you tried to do for my mother. I did not walk into that session thinking positively of you, based on my mother’s analysis of the situation. She told me that you thought she had demons…I thought that you would be the type to offer “ to light a candle to clear her aura…for a fee.” (We all know these types) You counseled her for three hours for the basic fee. I feel that she built a wall and mistook much of what you said. You are quite right about my mother. I feel it with every ounce of my intuition. Knowing her as I do, I am sorry she put up such a wall when you were trying to help her. I realize that it must have been difficult to keep your composure with my Mother. Thank you for sharing your gift with her. I will try to get her to understand the real message. In the meantime, you realized my intuitive gifts and you have quietly healed me and released me of those times in my past that continue to trip me up in my life. God Bless You! Seattle, WA

I received a reading from Richard and it changed my life. Now I know what my Mission in Life is! I was able to connect to the Living Jesus Christ of 2011- not a dusty 2000 year old vision of The Christ.

When you did healing on me, I was so relaxed and felt your strong energy ripping old stuff out of me and replacing it with the ”Love and Light of God!” Thank You. Cleveland, OH

We were very impressed by your accuracy of past information, your strength and your compassion in discernment and insight into what was needed to obtain closure of really difficult past experiences. Tucson, AZ

You Have a beautiful soul and were so kind and patient with me. You are so helpful! I am really impressed with you. New Dehli, India
Thank you and God Bless you for all you have done for me and my Sisters. May God continue to Bless your Healing Ministry! A Roman Catholic Nun

I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you. Our time together helped calm my mind from the thoughts, fears, anger, and anxiety. I have been better since we met. San Francisco, CA

“You are the best Jewish Psychic in New Jersey.” (I am in Arizona and not Jewish- but you get the point.)

Thanks again for everything, my life has completely shifted in many positive ways since you helped me. Melbourne, Australia

I let fear control my whole life, until I met you. Paradise Valley, AZ

You helped me so much, you saw nothing in me but positive energy in my life, my reading and my future. Satan did not want me to stand up and be who I know I am. Since my reading, I am helping other people break the chains in their minds that hold them back. Scottsdale, AZ

You have amazing gifts. You told me things that I had tried to forget and suppress in my life and it was making me physically sick. You allowed me to dump all my troubles and start living.-Tucson

I have had many readings and ours was awesome. But the reason that I knew you were 100% genuine is that when I look into your eyes they sparkle and smile at me. I see the Christ Energy pouring through your eyes.-Dallas, TX

You posted on Facebook-Do Good to People Who Need Help. After i read that i went to sleep and dreamed that i was surrounded by aggressive wolves/ And you showed up and immediately subdued the beasts and saved me. I saw a glow around you. I think you are truly a divine being in the flesh. – Los Angeles


Richard Schickel