Are You Ready?

If you are ready to trust and have faith, want to Go With the Flow, reawaken to your true spiritual purpose, and Let Go and Let God into your life (and this has nothing to do with you ever going to a Temple or a Church), then I would be honored to help you on your journey. I also do Life Purpose Work, Spiritual Awakenings, Unconditional Love of Self and Others, Insight into Energy Imbalances/Weak Areas, Releasing the Past/Lower Frequencies, Positive Manifesting, Understanding and Healing Fear, Health, Career, Relationship Issues, Twin Flames/Soulmates, Parenting/Parenting Intuitive Children, Angel Communication, Spirit Guides Contact, Past Lives Exploration, Self Esteem/Confidence Building, Positive Thinking Program, Phobias and Fears, Unwanted Habits, Anger and Irritability Management, Emotional Blocks, Stress Management, Chronic Pain Relief, Relationship Enhancement, Cord Cutting Work, Forgiveness/Reconciliation, PTSD Trauma, Sexual Abuse Healing, and Sleep Issues.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing have occurred in my clients. You must be aware that if you have built a castle with thick walls to protect yourself and your afflictions, and you are not ready to heal, then that is what will happen. If this is the case, you will only experience more of the same old pain. The only person who can prevent YOU from Healing is YOU!

Richard specializes in healing and resolving past and present trauma, grief, and abuse situations.  He has a recognized “method” that allows clients to discover old secrets and release them forever giving them future peace. A standard reading includes the use of Holy Water, Holy Salt, and Holy Oil being anointed to Baptise them in the Holy Spirit. I use the St. Benedict medal for protection. I use Roman Catholic processes because they work. Richard doesn’t try to define God or seek to convert anyone to anything. He recognizes them as they are and seeks to connect them with a Creator energy to sustain their growth in life.

Reading & Healing Sessions

Effective June 1st we are changing packages and pricing to reflect what actually happens in a reading and healing session. Your spirit, mind, emotions, and physical body are all tied together. No way to divide them up. So, we treat them all in one amazing session. That is why shorter sessions do not lead to long term healing.

All readings are at least 90-minutes long (some run longer at no additional charge) because that is the average time it takes to do a comprehensive session. Many clients say that this single session has changed their lives and helped them find their reason for being here on earth. It is rare for a person to need more than three readings in their life. That is because I give them the tools, grounding, knowledge, support and access to higher spiritual energy to continue their own healing in the future. I also give them a copy of my book, Holy Oil, Holy Water, and St. Benedict medals to take home to continue the healing.

This includes a psychic reading of your past, present and future. If there are any lingering memories or emotions that are holding to from your past, they are likely to come up.  If there is anything that you do not wish to discuss, let Richard know. Otherwise, it will probably come up in the session. You are totally in charge of what is discussed in the reading.

Additionally, a mediumship reading will occur if you have any deceased loved ones make themselves known to Richard. You can request that certain loved ones speak to you, but that is beyond Richard’s control. And not guaranteed.

Thirdly, Richard will do an intuitive medical scan looking for energy imbalances.  Often this will reveal trapped emotions that are leading to physical illness. Then healing energy will be directed to those areas in need of extra attention. Then healing is offered using the ancient method called “Being Anointed in the Holy Spirit.”

Readings are available in person, by phone or Skype.

$210/90 minutes

Life coaching and mentoring- Additional sessions are discounted at a rate of $168 each for a 90-minute session.

Please note with a psychic reading: you have free will! This means you can change your path, direction, and information regarding your future. You can manifest what you desire. That is the beauty of life! Gain focus, clarity, and direction with your intuitive reading.

If you are not ready for the 90-minute reading:

  • Order “Gifts of the Spirit- My Mission as a Healer.” Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.
  • Richard also offers a one-question only reading for $40. Internet only. Please contact Richard for all details.
  • If you are under a financial hardship, share this with Richard and he can determine what to do. Richard also does psychic fairs around the country. In Tucson he appears at the Tucson Psychic & Healing Fair every two months and gives discounted 10-15 minute readings for $40 which also includes his book.

Privacy Policy: All readings are held in the strictest confidence. Any personal information, email addresses, or any other data is kept private. Richard takes notes during your reading and gives them to you at the end. He keeps no record of your visit or conversations.

Disclaimer: Just because I can read something that may be happening in your future, that does not mean it will be happening. You have freewill and you can change most things in your future path. It is your sole responsibility what you do with the reading and the information given. Suggestions regarding health matters do not constitute medical advice or replace the advice of a licensed physician, psychologist, counselor, therapist or mental health professional. Suggestions concerning legal matters do not constitute legal advice. Any advice or information given is Richard’s intuitive opinion. Richard Schickel is a Universal Life Monastery ordained minister and is offering spiritual counseling. He is required by law to state that these readings are for entertainment purposes only.


Richard Schickel