Be Healed and Be Happy!

Welcome to my website. Something led you to my page. You are probably looking for something more in your life. I usually work with people who are empathic, sensitive, and intuitive. So, you probably fit that description. My mission in life is to recognize the spiritual gifts that each of them already have inside. I guide them to learning new methods to create a changed life with what they already have right where they are. I teach them how to access the “Holy Spirit Energy.”  This has nothing to do with going to church or joining some organized religion. It means connecting with the energy of the Creator of the Universe. God can present in many forms. For this work we can agree that someone created trees and that gives us a start.  Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed, and the God of Abraham are all aspects of God (that someone who created trees?)    We do not need to spend any time on that. God already knows that he/she is God. Does not need to hear it from us. Lol.

In the reading/healing I talk about whatever I am guided to talk about from the from the voice of the Holy Spirit. I am clairaudient (can hear voices); clairsentient (I can clearly feel and know things and pick up other people’s energy); clairvoyant (clear seeing); and claircognizant (clear knowing).

To access greater energy, we must first identify those old thoughts, feelings and emotions that are slowing you down, making you feel old and blocking up the systems in your body.  We usually will talk about everything that has ever happened in your life and how it has affected you.  We will discover blockages in your chakras. The conversation can include talk about your soul and spirit, past lives, sex, God, abuse, and how being empathic has deeply worn you down.


I was raised as a Roman Catholic and Anointed in the Holy Spirit by a priest who told me to go and do what Jesus told the people he anointed. What he did for me was to anoint me in the Holy Spirit. This is what Jesus did at Pentecost to the apostles and 72 ordinary people. Jesus told them to go out and heal people and drive demons out of them.

I am a Charismatic Roman Catholic Healer.  I could also be called a Mystic and a Prophet inside a church and a Psychic and a Medium in the church parking lot. Same difference!  All my “Gifts of the Spirit” (1st Corinthian) gifts are coming from the God/Creator energy.  You don’t need to become a Catholic, to gain from your reading.

I use Holy Water, Holy Oil and Holy Salt all prayed over and blessed. I use St Benedict and St Padre Pio medals  to establish sanctuary around my client. These offer protection so they can catch their breath and prepare to resume the journey of life. I do not try to define God energy because that tends to limit it.

My motto is “Learn to Love Yourself First, Best and Always.” I desire to help you change your life so that you can live up to your true potential.https