I am Rich Schickel and I talk to the Dead and so can you. It is easy to talk and tell those who have passed away that you love them, or what you think about their passing. You can talk about good times or times where you had problems with each other. Just because a person is no longer in the physical body- does not mean that they have ceased to exist. II have been shown by Spirit that people simply move to the other side and eventually “drop their bodies.”  all this is as they prepare to become purely spiritual beings again.

Some people have an easier time crossing over than others.

If your loved one had additions that might keep them tied to the earth. If they were afflicted with Mental illness, that can be a challenge.  if they were in a coma or had Alzheimer’s- they may have trouble even realizing that they are dead- as they had already been spending so much time on the otherwise anyway.

You need to know that your departed friend or loved one can hear you, wants to talk to you, and may communicate directly or indirectly. Each person is different. For instance you might see something that is a sign that you know that they sent to you.

You should pray for them and send them unconditional love and understanding. They can always use that and so can you.

If you need help, call Rich Schickel and he will guide you and your loved one to a place of peace. Life can be hard enough- you should not have to suffer in death also.

My book may help you with this process also. It is available on Amazon and Kindle.