I attract many clients who are empathic (they pick up other peoples energy and quickly get burned out and frustrated from doing that.  They are also extremely sensitive and and caring. They want to help everyone else not so much help and sustain their own energies.   These clients are also usually at the beginning stages of intuition.  They just have strong gut feelings and think that just because they see something happening (precognition) or hear ghosts, or see who is going to die and when that they should be able to do something about it.

They get burned out and frustarted when they learn that they only have the power to observe and pray for others.

What is it that you can do to welcome these energies in your life?

Spirit suggests using strong protections. For instance, imagine a giant body condom that you pull down over you head and tie off at the bottom. That allows you to be in close contact with other people and help and serve them but without picking up their spiritial or emotional energy.

Richard Schickel has experienced all of these spiritual gifts also and beleive me they can be a pain in the neck along with your regular daily life.  Let he show you how to protect the energy that you already have and grow.  Contact him at 520-668-3243.  He does readings on the phone or at his office at 2292 W Magee, Tucson, AZ