We all encounter suffering at various points in life./ But some people require a bit more suffering, misery and pain to get off the dime and make changes in their lives.  Hopefully, they do not suffer longer than they need to.

Suffering can lead us in either or two directions:  It can make us very bitter and cause us to shut down, or it can make us wise, compassionate and utterly open because our hearts have softened, or perhaps we feel that we have nothing more to lose.

Illness can make us exhausted, feel damaged, and inferior for the job of life. But it is in our determination to wake up and get out of bed that builds hope and faith. Perhaps not in complete healing, but in the ability to live, savor some new moments in that day or learn something new.

It is important to not claim ownership of your illnesses and afflictions. Otherwise, they become like your closest friends. But you can claim ownership over your authority to heal them.

Often during illness, we must enter that place known as the “dark night of the soul.” We go through dozens of emotions until we come to a new higher understanding of our life situation.

Let go and let God works for some people. But others are lead to question how God could abandon them and let them become sick in the first place.

Remember, at birth, the one thing sure about your life- true forever was that you would one day die.  So in many ways, you die a little every day before finally leaving.

So please take to your sick bed and cry to God – Why Me, Lord? How Long Will I suffer?

We will learn that once we decide to step out of our suffering to whatever time we have left, healing will begin on many levels.  You are sick because of the chance to experience everything life has to offer fully. You do not need to welcome illness, but you can tolerate it better knowing you are not a victim.

I send blessings to you and healing, never, ever give up!

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