What Possessed You, Will Destroy You, Unless You Act Now

Do you feel like someone or something has possessed you? Like they have robbed you of your energy and your life?

Many people have come to me over the years because they want my help to take control of their lives. Most have been afflicted by anxiety, worry, fear, depression, anger and guilt. A majority have sought help from medical and mental health professionals and have been identified as schizophrenic, bi-polar, depressed, neurotic and many other diseases that we find that they did not really have.

My method is to discern what is going on in their lives but from the inside out, not judge them from the outside only. That is important. When people have lived in ways that they have collected, anger, fear, worry, hatred, unworthiness, guilt, shame, anxiety and self-hatred, these have a way of being in them and influencing their perception of the world. When you are angry, you collected a response of anger from others. When you have fear and worry you will  attract more fear and worry. It is usually easy for me with the support and guidance of the Holy Spirit to go through the person before me and figure out not only what is afflicting them, but also what why and when it occurred in their lives.

In most people these ways that are in them become their own personal demons, they do not need actual demons or devils to attack them. They attack themselves with old memories and shames. These keep them in their own “dark night of the soul,” for long periods of their lives. That is a perfect setting for them to feel like God (or whatever they recognize as a higher spiritual energy) has turned their back on this person. They feel abandoned and alienated from God and that makes their lives a fruitful field of pain and more pain.

My healing method leads them to a place where they can continue to embrace this or shed these feelings once and for all. I simply reconnect them with what I recognize as the God energy- which is unconditional love.

It is only when the circumstances are right can I introduce to them that the energy of God is already within them. It is more powerful than any invaders or exterior force and it is freely accessible to them anytime they chose to be plugged back into  it.

I simply recognize them and plug them back into the Source Energy of God. it is amazing.

These are some thoughts from my book Gifts of the Spirit My Mission as a Healer available on Kindle, Amazon and bookstores.