What Is Your Purpose In Life?

What is your purpose in life, your mission, your passion? It changes as the years go by, but as long as you have some goals, hopes and aspirations, you will have a busy, engaged life.

My mission at this point in my life is to teach others how to tap into their own incredible abilities and gifts. I help people find out who they are, who they were and where they are going in life. I help my cleints to be self-empowered and how to have access to higher spiritual energy to guide them with life goals, health, wealth and relationships. I help people to be the best person that they allow themselves to be.

It is easy for me to do this, because I had to do it myself first. Hard as that was. So I want to ease the journey of my fellow travelers, with my own energy and small contributions to their learning process.

I am empathic, which means that I feel the energy of other people, the earth, and everything else. This was a great burden until I learned how to protect myself and still be fully present in every moment. That is what I teach others to do. Put themselves in a bubble of protection.

The good part about empathic people is that they are caring, sympathetic, and do want to help other people. The bad part is that when thy do this using just their own energy, they quickly get depleted, worn out, burned out and age very quickly.

I can also pick up the stress of other people and the anger that they carry in their hearts. I recognize their frustration with their lives and the situations that they find themselves in and I focus on the fact that these are all my brothers and sisters so I pray for them and lift them up to a higher spiritual place (soul level) even just for a minute and this allows them to reconnect directly with the Holy Spirit (God Energy). And then they have a completely new perspective on their lives. Call me today at 520-668-3243 or buy my book – Gifts of the Spirit, My Mission As A Healer, and lets get started on your brighter future.