What Happens at a Reading With Rich Schickel.

This is the cool thing, when you come to me for a reading for spiritual counseling, I am probably not going to tell you anything that you don’t already know. I am going to give you a frank assessment of who you appear to me to be at this time. I will not judge you just assess you.

I will probe you with discernment (guided by the Holy Spirit) to determine what is hurting you in your life. I will ask you about things that happened long ago that you still carry with you. I will talk to you about how to activate yourself right where you are in your life to move in a new and more positive direction in your life.  We might talk a lot about things that have or are preventing you from feeling good enough to achieve those things in your life.

It is like dumping all your laundry on the table, and then I help you sort it out and determine what you want to keep and what no longer fits and what you are ready to let go of.  I don’t give you band-aids to keep a cover over your pain.  In fact, with your permission, I will help you to start pulling band-aids off.

You are a perfect stranger to me but not to God. So I know that you have value beyond words. So as I allow the Holy Spirit to come through me and tell you things that will shock and encourage you, I will never present them with fear.

Even if we talk about hard things to come in the future, we do not make them scary.

I help people remember everything that is causing them to be tied to their pasts. All the unkind words, deeds, or inappropriate things that they have been told or though of themselves. I may gently help them to remember when people were mean or abusive to them and then show them how to clear that away.

My goal is to reconnect you with God’s energy. To allow you to access our Creator’s flow of love and light. I want to help you love and be loved unconditionally first by yourself and second to establish your connection to the “God energy,” however you define that.

I use established healing tools like Holy Water and Holy Oil, and you never need to enter a church again. You just need to connect with whoever created the trees and rocks and the sun.

I will give you information and data to help support your growth and education in determining what you are and why you are here. I like to plant seeds of hope, strength, growth, and wisdom that will bloom in you for years to come.

People in established religions think that since they have “been saved” and are “born again.” That they don’t ever need to do anything else, that is wrong; they need to be “saved” every day.  The Enemy (however you describe that energy) has nothing but time to figure out how to steal your happiness and joy away from you. Don’t let it happen.

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