Dear Friend,

One day, a young man came into a shop where I was working and told me that he had two messages for me from the King of the Universe. He said that I needed to drop the idea that God was “Out There Somewhere,” as he pointed out the window. He said, “When God sits on the Throne, you sit on the Throne with Him. And when you sit in your chair, God sits in your chair with you.” Then he told me to reject anything in my life that was not worthy of the King of the Universe.

He told me that the King of the Universe has a spark of His Divinity in each of Us. He also addressed my healing practice. He said that I should more quickly identify the issues troubling my clients and bind those up and deliver them to the King of the Universe. He said when I helped to pull negative things out of my clients, I should replace them with the Love and Light of God.

He told me that to get what I need in life, “You need to Become One With God!” and “Become a Co-creator of Your Own Destiny.” Then he said, “We are watching You.” And then walked out the door and vanished.

In prayer later, I asked, “How do I start, what do I do?” And a very strong Divine Feminine Energy came to me and said, “Just Start Now! There is no wrong way. Just Do It!” I stumbled on my way forward as I followed that advice.

In my work, I offer clients the tools and support to make this transformation—to just start. The power to change and seek what you need in your life is Within You Already.

St. Germain offers his Violet Flame Decree:

“I AM a Being of Violet Fire.

I AM the Purity of God’s Desires.”

The Violet Flame is very helpful in clearing out karmic baggage. But first you need to be in a position to objectively review your life and relationships with others. Then if you find that you have harmed others or yourself or have anger or hate towards another—you must decide if that is helping you or continuing to hurt you in your life.

You have free will to continue to hurt yourself in any way you please, but with the enlightened knowledge that maybe by maintaining the past emotions, you are not able to move into your future, you must make the choice. Forgive and Forget? Or continue where you are!

If you are not progressing, you are regressing.

We need to get to a point in our lives where we are tired of carrying the baggage of our past—whether from this life or a past life. We need to be able to ask the Divine “To Forgive Me as I Forgive All Others.” The desire to forgive and forget is difficult for many. But it is so freeing.

After spiritual healing the forget part comes easily. You simply want to try to Love Yourself More than hating someone else more, because the hate thing uses up a lot of energy.

Good health comes from spiritual energy that flows freely. Karmic burdens impede energy flow. You become what your actions are. Emotional distress will result in physical illness and early death. The Violet Flame transmutes anything that is negative anywhere in your physical or spiritual being.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you look at parts of your life with regret and anger? Are you tired of studying metaphysical solutions, but never seem to be able to get in on the action?

Do you have more love, hope, faith, confidence, and self esteem than fear, worry, anger, low self-esteem, and unworthiness? If you decide to Heal Yourself, if you allow the energies of the Universal Divine Energy support that decision, you will receive healing and experience a profound sense of relief.

When you Heal Yourself you will have more energy and be able to rediscover your reason for being in this life. You will connect with Your Passion and Your Mission. Perhaps you have let too much of your life slip away already. When you minimize your ego and let go of everything that is holding you back from the life you desire, then you discover your true spiritual purpose.

When are you going to Let Go and Let God and The Violet Flame help you to clear out your old baggage?

When you feel good and Love Yourself First, you will attract those you can talk to, those you can trust, those you can share your life with, and those you can love. Kindred spirits will surround you. Don’t settle for anything less in a relationship than everything you want! You will attract people who want to Bask in the Glow of Your Spirit!

There is only ONE POWER

that prevails everywhere …

every moment …

every age …

ever and ever …

That is the POWER WITHIN YOU!!!