I Want To Support Your Healing


What does that mean “Support Your Healing”?  It means I can show you owe to help fix yourself.

When I am doing healing and counseling with clients, it is important for me to not care more than they care. That is loving myself first, best and always. Some potential clients contact me and think that after they make the call, then they can sit back and I will do all the work, I will take care of everything. I have that ability and power to do those things, and I used to. But then I felt used and stupid, because I was doing more work than they were and I was caring more than they cared.

This process of talking with and working with me is all about both of us making our best efforts and giving 100% to helping you get more out of your life. Healing takes place physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and on a spirit level. Some people who are physically sick receive spiritual healing and then they die happy and content. Knowing that they have settled many old issues in their lives and they will not have to drag those issues with them to the grave. Or worse yet drag them forward to the next reincarnation.

So, as you can imagine if you are an active participant in the healing process, I will be your best guide and biggest supporter. This works, it has worked hundreds of times. I have ex-clients who still quote things that I told them years ago that changed their attitude, their lives, their very reason for being on earth. I usually don’t remember even what I said at the time, but it was for them, not me that I said it.

Healing your way to happiness in your present life is a big scary deal. Until you call me. Then you can just relax and know that I have done it all before and we can swim in the river of universal energy and move forward. You will quickly find that it is always easier when you swim with the current instead of always swimming against it.

Call Richard Schickel today at 520-668-3243 and we can get started.