Do you routinely exhaust yourself? Do you drive yourself relentlessly from task to task trying to make more money, have more stuff or a more perfect life? Please stop, it is killing you.  FACT: The average American spends at least 11 hours a day staring at a TV, computer or telephone screen. No wonder you are worn out! Time for you to electronically tune out!
We try to conduct all of the major personal and business relationships according to the speed of communication. We measure ourselves by our productivity and every day we become more exhausted, and less rested in body, spirit, and mind. This makes you less capable of being productive, let alone develop emotionally healthy relationships.  Ready to tune back into your life again?
Take a break from your every day life! Do something, no matter how small that delights you. Sit or walk outside, go for a walk in the rain, take a salt bath, have sex, cook a great meal. Do what you keep putting off.
It is only when you step back from your life that the original ideas that you used to get all the time will return to you. Meditation while floating in a pool or in a hot shower will give your access to your higher self. Your soul. Your spirit.
The daily grind is so destructive to both the person and the spiritual work. Unless the soul can be refreshed enough to think, to create, to recoup its energy and its interest in the spiritual work at hand, there is no hope for recall of creativity.
We think better when we relax. Being around water always helps. Actually going into your yard and attempting to revive your garden will take years off your age.
Turn off the television and read a good book. Quit texting and ride your bike. Close the computer and go out to a movie. Turn off your phone for a day, do not return any messages. Don’t try to “get ahead.” During dinners with your family and friends, ban use of phones completely. And when the television is on, turn it off and start talking and reminiscing  instead. Reclaim your life, your thoughts, your personality, your friends, your family.
The world will not end if you stop tweeting, and no your Facebook Friends will not “unfriend you if you turn up missing online for a few days. When you step away from your life, you have the chance to review your life and make important choices for your future.
Here’s to yet another way of loving yourself First, Best and ALWAYS!