https://richschickel.comTrusting yourself in life is hard! I call it “discernment.” If you are reading this blog- you are probably already getting a lot of information coming to you and you are not even sure where it is coming from. You are probably very empathic and sensitive. You are a spirit in a body. But you are still very much connected to the Universal God energy- however, you chose to define God.

Now when you came to earth it was to live a human life filled with joy and pain, drama and love, sex, and disappointment. You want to feel how it feels to be a human being and get hurt and feel love. Things that are harder for a spirit on the other side to feel. In order to do that, you have to open up and allow new people into your life all the time. But as you have discovered from your past you first have to let people in and then you have to decide using that “gut feeling” that you have in the center of your chest right under your breast bone if you can trust them or not. Trust is easy to give and easy to receive if you are a straight shooter. Sadly some people are not. They might want to be in your life to use and abuse you, to exploit you, and to manipulate you. They might not be in your life for warm hugs over a cup of hot chocolate.

That does not mean that you should still not let them into your life. Because these people will teach you greater lessons than anyone who is just loving you with the warm fuzzy hugs.

So if you are reading this, know that Rich Schickel is already an expert in receiving outside people and can show you how to use discernment in the future.  Give Rich a call at 520-668-3243