Do You Have Two Strikes Against You?

Many people who I work with think that they have strikes against them, they are poor, fat, too thin, unattractive, unwell, uneducated, unworthy, they have all sorts of strikes against them, in fact, they have listed them all in their own mind.

But when I meet anyone, I see that spark of God in them. We all have it. It is just recognizing it in yourself and in another person which is the struggle. So I start seeing something beautiful and amazing about you, despite the long list that you have to indict yourself.

I like to identify their gifts and their potential despite all that they have going against them. The first thing to do is to identify what is not working in their lives. Then they can decide if they want to keep it or not. Then I help them to find those old, thoughts, memories, feelings and emotions that are holding them back from their best life experience. That is the question that I ask them, what is it that you think is holding you back from good health, having fun, living in joy and feeling appreciation and gratitude for the small moments in their lives.

Then when we have identified what they no longer want in their lives, I ask if I can take my giant Hoover vacuum cleaner and suck old the old abuses, the hurts, the raw emotions, everything that is holding them back from the many opportunities that life holds for them if only they pursue them.

You always make your own choices, I just want to share with you the gift of having many opportunities in your future. I think that is important to know that you are always in a stream of unconditional love. I am receiving it and sending it to you right now as you read this.

So you might think that you have two strikes against you, I am fat, I am older than I was yesterday, but still when I step up to the plate, I have one more strike in this current inning. I have seen people get home runs when all they’ve got left is one strike. Having faith and hope in my ability to be present in my moment at the plate opens all the wonders of the earth to me. I just need to step up to the plate. Guess what? I just hit a homerun and cleared the bases. I/We are winning. Next inning you are up to bat! I am rooting for you.