Share the love with me! One of the things that thrill me is to share the Love that I get from God and the Universe.

Some of the people who I do healing work with are afraid. It is like they are sending out a signal “I don’t want help. I want to be left alone.” But by the Grace of God, they arrive on my doorstep and ask for help. I always receive them and offer what I am given by God to share with them.
But I am only a conduit and receiver of the energy of the Universe when it comes through me. I simply let it flow out of my head, heart and hands comfort, understand and listen to the afflicted person seeking something better in their life. We must both be open enough to let the flow of energy begin to dissolve the castle walls that help them to hide in their own self-created prison.

Love must flow both towards both of us and out from us, or we do not experience or enjoy its full effects. The Law of this e Energy is that it is unlimited and freely available to everyone who is ready to receive it. Jesus said this many times, “Happy are the merciful; they shall have mercy shown to them.” (Matthew 5:7)

I am always ready to share this energy with anyone who asks. That is my mission in life to share the love that flows through me.

I even receive toxic, psychopathic or sociopathic people who cannot maintain or sustain relationships. I build bridges to everyone I meet. Some will be healed instantly, some it takes year to help. No problem, I have this joy and love in my heart that grows day after day the more I share it. But anyone who has met me or spoken with me will have a change in their life. A change in their health, emotions, or their perspective. I do not know all that they receive, I do not even care- that is their business. I am just a person who sees in each person a candle. In some their candle has blown out from ttheir lives. I just strike a match and relight their candle and that brief second of concern can put them back on a better path and allow them to love and have hope again. Then we are both blessed.