Rough Endings Can Make For New Beginnings

I want you to make a new beginning in your life today.

You are such an important person, I am glad that you were born. I am glad that you have a life that is touching the lives of so many other people. we are all blessed because of you just being here on earth.  But I know that you also face trials and tribulations. Love and heartbreak, daily struggles and pain.  That is why I am here. To help you get over yourself, your struggles, your ego and help you find new direction in your life.

But first you have to let go of your past. Wow! That is really a challenge – don’t you think? It is really hard to let go of the ideas that you were taught by your parents and family, your church, your school, your culture and your society. it is really hard to start thinking for yourself. In fact your EGO does not want your to do that at all.

Ego wants you to think of the basic things, food, water, shelter, clothes, comfort, warmth or cooling. It despises foreign things like feelings, emotions, and intuition. Because those are unknown and once recognized are uncontrollable. You being fully self-actualized is harmful to your ego’s well being.

That is why I have this practice, I want to help people reconnect to their higher spiritual self. I respect ego, it is important to give us verification of what goes on around us. The fight or flight sense is a very important example of this.

So what I try to do is to weave the two sides of you together, to make the best possible you and make it slightly easier for you to live in this world. I did not have such support and instruction and  that certainly slowed my progress down.

Please call me at 520-668-3243 and we can schedule a time to talk. Let me help you make a new beginning. You deserve it. Just like the world deserves all the blessings that you bring to it.