I am a Catholic Psychic Medium and Healer


I was raised Roman Catholic and as you may know, Catholics can’t quit the Church, unless they are ex-communicated. So there are still a lot of Catholics out there, lapsed Catholics, fallen away Catholics, people who suffered from being Catholic, former Catholics. I am sure that you have met some along the way. Then there are C & E Catholics. (They only go to Church on Christmas and Easter)

What I like about them is that they often have a good training in what the Catholic Church and its St. Francis version of the Bible want you to know. They have also conjured up a great deal of fear, guilt and abuse in their members. Most Catholics that I know have many stories to tell about what happened to them growing up Catholic.

I still say the Rosary and Catholic prayers as I prepare to do spiritual readings and healing work. Simply because I have already memorized all the prayers and they roll effortlessly off my tongue- and that pouts me in a quiet meditative place. So that I can truly because a vessel of the Universal Energy that many call God or Jesus.

I have done psychic/medium and healing work with five orders of nuns and priest. About a quarter of them were also very intuitive, some were also healers. But it was done quietly, secretly even because the Catholic Church frowns on this activity and does not want to encourage it.

But there are some Catholics called “Charismatic Catholics” who do healing and counseling and they are not religious- they are laymen and woman like me. They are eyed with suspicion by most Catholics, but have been known to do healing work on conservative Catholics also quietly.

In the time of Jesus, this carrying of the “Holy Spirit Energy,” was normal and encouraged. Read the New Testament and you will see many examples of this. After the year 400 A.D. it was very discouraged and you could be punished for that.

I am a Catholic with roots that yearn for re-connection with the Catholic Church that Jesus would have advocated for- if there had been a church at that time. Remember he was a Jew. It is funny how even saying something like this can inflame and insult people. Try it – tell a “Christian” that Jesus was not a “Christian,” but a Jew and they will start frothing at the mouth.

So sadly, the Catholic Church has little to offer to modern day psychic, mediums, intuitive, sensitive and empathic people. So we must make our own communities. We must band together and share what we know, think we know and what we have learned. Some of the best people who are intuitive, psychic mediums and healers are ex-priests, nuns, brothers. For example Ron Roth was a priest for 25 years,  and Frances MacNutt, a priest who was ex-communicated, and Fr. Peter Rookey whose healing gifts were suppressed for 40 year by the Church. Other Catholics include Carolyn Myss, James Van Praugh, Agnes Sanford, Theresa Caputo and me.

That is what I do in my work at RichSchickel.com. I share the best that I get from the Holy Spirit with those who come to me. I use Blessed Holy Oil, Holy Water, and pray in my ministry of healing. I invite you to contact me for a talk. 520-668-3243.