My name is Rich Schickel.  I’m a healer, medical intuitive and psychic-medium.  Many people are hesitant to book a reading because they’re unsure what to expect in our session.  I’d like to provide some insight.

Firstly, I will usually discuss with my client their concept of God. Everyone has different answers. For instance, some clients believe in God, Jesus, Great Spirit, Jehovah, and some simply refer to them as Nature, the Divine, or Universal Consciousness. It’s important in my work that each person believes that there is a power greater than themselves, be it God or the collective consciousness. I usually refer to the higher power as the “Creator of the Universal Energy.”  God already knows who God is, so the many names we have for God are unimportant, except to the client sitting before me.

After our discussion of their beliefs, I sit quietly for a moment to pick up my client’s energy. I don’t actively try to heal them or fix them; I simply tune in with how their energy feels is in this moment.  This enables me to communicate with my client about what I feel in their energy. I find their concerns and I dig deeper to get the information I need. Then I validate and recognize their spiritual energy. Validation and acceptance are key in every session.  Accepting the person they are – merely recognizing them as who they were born to be – is a catalyst for positive healing and spiritual development in each of my clients.

When my clients see my compassion and acceptance of their genuine self, they begin to feel less lost and alone because I feel their agony, their fear, and their disconnection. Often, I pick up on their yearning for more from life. I hear the many struggles of their past being revealed, even things long concealed, and they feel safe to discuss them and release them. I share unconditional love, peace, hope, and understanding with them. As a result, they start to recognize a beautiful energy of empowerment within themselves.

In most sessions I share my Miracle Prayer, Healer Prayer or Family Healing Prayer (found on  Many times I bless them with Holy Water or Holy Oil and give them some to take home. A little talk, understanding, and unconditional love goes a long way in changing a person’s life.  Maybe it’s time for you to come and have a talk also.