Respect and Boundaries

Most people that I deal with every day are either narcissistic and in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, (I do tax resolution) or are empathic and sensitive and seem to attract people and circumstances that seek to hurt and destroy them.

In both types of people, I see that they lack boundaries. They lack or ignore the basic self-control that is needed to protect them from other people and the environment around them. By the time that they come to me for counseling and healing, they are depleted and usually an emotional wreck. That is because they lack adequate respect for themselves and let others dump on them.

In all of the works that I do, I have something that people want. I enjoy sharing it with them because when I share what I know it helps them and it helps me as another human being. I make money most of the time from helping people but it is the serving people part of it that makes me feel fulfilled. Some people get my work for free. Because I look at everyone as part of the whole.

We are all connected. We are all “cut from the same cloth.” Try to see yourself in other people. Try to see God in the actions of other people. Praying for yourself is praying for us all.

Take an inventory of your gifts and see what you have to offer to yourself and other people. Then just start, just do it. Figure out what you can do to change the world.

I love all the things that I do, or I do not do them. Some are easy for me and some are very hard. I never gave up learning and that means that every day I have a new start, a new mountain to climb.


When you call me for a reading, we discuss things like this. It is fun and enlightening. Call me today.