Recognize Your Own Power

When we look in the mirror, we often notice everything that is wrong with our face, the wrinkles, age spots, stray hairs that cloud our vision of who we really are. We are magnificent beings in a human body. God was so impressed, He even put a little of his own energy inside of us. It’s in the Bible- believe it!


Often our friends and family and loved ones can see who we are so much more clearly than we can see it.  But often it is like we are bling to our own “glow.”  It is funny to see how short-sited many people can be. But when I am doing healing work with clients, the very first thing that happens is that I start talking about them and their gifts and blessings and recognize that “God spirit” within them. Often, I talk at length about this. It is funny really, almost like I have to convince them of the fact that they are awesome and amazing creations of God.

I tell them to look into their own eyes every day and say: “I love you unconditionally.” They report back that they feel stupid doing that and blame me. But after a few days, they start to see their eyes and then behind their eyes and they eventually see a sparkle or a twinkle in their eyes and this marks the reconnection with their own spirit/soul.  Then the magic begins to happen.

Because this is the energy of unconditional love. This form of love is all-inclusive, without judgment, it is nurturing, caring, sensitive, and understanding. This is the love that never goes away unless you force it to.

Love Yourself First, Best, and Always

The theme of my work is to “Love Yourself First, Best, and Always.” It is easier said than done. Telling yourself that you love yourself is the first step. This must happen long before you expect someone else to love you in any form.


These are things we talk about in a reading with me. Call Rich Schickel today at 520-668-3243 and let’s get started reconnecting you to LOVE.

Richard Schickel