What is  does “Intentional Prayer”mean?

And how can it be “powerful?”

A professional acquaintance of mine, Lynn, shared with me a true story that resulted in what she described as “Powerful Intentional Prayer”.

About two weeks ago, her friend asked for her to pray for the grandchild of another. The baby was just born and premature. She also had underdeveloped lungs and there was a fear that she could die.

For a generation ago, a child in the family had also been diagnosed with the same thing and had actually passed away at three days old. No one collectively prayed then.

So prayers were especially requested.

Lynn, also an intuitive, sensed that the family was not praying and when any family member ever did, it was sporadic and more about them than the baby now named  “Claire”.

So Lynn and her friend created an online and worldwide Prayer Circle, asking that all please pray within a 45 minutes time frame. That way, they could have as many people praying for Claire as much as possible, intentionally,  and at the same time.

Thousands responded.

Lynn also knew that if the individual family members made the prayers they sent Above about themselves to eradicate their self-imposed guilt, Baby Claire may not make it.

So Lynn’s friend also asked that the family pray for Claire together, including laying their hands on her to increase the spiritual connection and intent.

This was in Maryland.  Lynn and her friend were in California.

Today, Baby Claire is home from the hospital after with her parents and big sister.  No ventilator. No trouble breathing on her own. And as of this writing, she is two weeks old.

Know, trust and believe that when you reach out and ask for support from others, and your intent is unselfish, pure and meaningful, the response will be powerful and robust.

Just like Baby Claire’s future.

So to ensure that your future is such, please contact me to help you create and ensure a robust and powerful future!

Time to love yourself First, Best and Always!