When people talk to me – I listen and save lives. It has happened dozens of times. But today with a new client I had a close call. I almost lost a client to suicide today. His whole world was crashing down and I am helping him with his business, his physical and mental health. Circumstances in his world made him think that he was worth more dead than alive to himself and his family. He has been living like he wants to die. But he is a healer and has literally saved the lives of hundreds of people in his medical practice.

Suicide is often an attractive idea to people under severe emotional and mental stress. It seems like jsuch an easy option. It seems like it will answer all the things that have gone wrong in your life. But it is rarely the best answer.

Suicide is fatal! Think about that if you try to kill yourself and you are gifted in doing so, then you will be dead. Your body will be dead. Your spirit will leave the body so very relieved to be out of that body and the situations that you suffered in your life. It is an awesome moment to be free! Or so it seems. The problem is that you go to Heaven and then God says- “Seriously? I put you in the game and I will take you out- in my time, not yours. Back you go!” So then God sends you back to be present in every situation that you would have been in if you had lived.  You have to witness your friends, family and co-workers learning of your suicide and then suffering the horrible pain of life without you. Then all the people who would have been in your life have to be viewed also to see what might have been.

Suicide is a very selfish act.

In my work, I listen, you talk and we look at all your current and past problems and we figure out how you can make it to your future. I care and I can help. Sometimes, you also have to consult with mental health care professionals, but usually reigniting your connection the power of the universe (God) is enough.

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