What People Say After They Have Worked With Me

I help people, let these comments help you decide if you should call me.

I appreciate the comments that I receive after doing psychic or healing or counseling work with my clients. Here are some of their comments.

“I have been using the Disconnecting of Cords formula every night and I am seeing real shifts in my life. I plan to keep doing it. It is I have discovered a new life for me is just around the corner. Thanks so much I feel empowered.”-Tucson

“I found you to be a very gifted psychic, medium etc. and a fun person to speak with. You warned me about a traumatic experience that I will experience in 7 years. In my heart I had a feeling about this event, I was scared by it and did not know what to do. You have helped me through preparing for the possibility of this event. You also provided methods and prayers that will help me modify or even eliminate if from my future. I have time to prepare. I feel like I have the power that I used to have to help me deal with this. Thank you for what you do.”-Prescott, AZ

“I enjoyed your book “Gifts of the Spirit – My Mission as a Healer,” tremendously. I did the cord cutting that was is the Appendix. I experienced some slight shifting there but that was the basis of more to come.

Then you sent me energy in an email. The wording of your post planted a seed in my mind. Just like you talk about you are like a farmer preparing the field of humans and planting spiritual seeds for them to grow. That is how I felt. That is what God has given me, I collect the seeds of thought for pollination in the future. So it came about that all these little seeds that you Johnny Appleseed (Richard) have tossed above, caught my soil, light and water and began to stretch its roots within me. And then it began I feel reconnected with the God energy and this flow is clearing out the sludge within me that I have allowed to accumulate over the years.

After talking to you, I feel so empowered and do not feel like I am a useless person anymore. I do feel that I have a purpose for this second part of my life. I want to awaken others to their power just as have done for me. I am still allowing some of the ideas in your book to become routine in my life. God bless you, and I love who you are and your magnificence.” Cleveland, OH