Peace Be Still

A local church incorporates the phrase “Peace Be Still” in their weekly program books, even on on of their stained glass windows. Just saying those three words quiet the mind. And yet…


What do these words put together actually mean?

I was curious to explore and understand why “Peace Be Still” affected me as a meditative source.

Well, first, they are Biblically based. Found in two places.

In the Old Testament, Psalm 46:10 which states:

Psalm 46:10 - Popular Bible Verse

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And in the New Testament: Mark 4:39, and that states:

This morning we read in Mark 4 how Jesus calms the storm. TRUST HIM to bring peace in your storms tonight. He is all powerful, Creation itself obeys His Word! #newtestamentinayear #newtestament #thebarnyouth #thebarnbidford Picture Source:

I Give UP!

Both passages are about surrendering your worries to your Higher Power.

Whether it be God. Yeshua. Mother Nature. Buddha. The Universe.

Doing all you can to trust instead of worry. Trust knowing that all will all right in the end. All of your other past life’s storms have subsided. This challenge that you face right now is no different.

I would be happy to guide you into the direction of Certainty rather than Doubt and Confusion.

It’s time to get out of your own way.

Peace Be Still….

By being still in body and mind, answers to your troubles and challenges will emerge.

You will feel Empowered! Confident!    Self-Assured!

Like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders!

Peace Be Still…

Worried about paying your car note this month?

Be still and think of a proactive way to extend the due date.

Fighting with your spouse?

Be still and take the high ground by apologizing for your role in the disagreement.

Answers are within when you are still and sometimes it takes someone like me–An Intuitive Spiritual Counselor–to help emerge your answers with and for you.

I can be your guide and support when you fear that your emotional storms and circumstances may be too much.

They aren’t.

Your emotional storms will clear when you are still and emotionally calm.

Only then will you Be Peace.

Yet another way to Love Yourself First, Best and Always!

Please call me today to make an appointment today for an even calmer tomorrow!





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