So it’s time to put yourself FIRST in your life! That’s what I encourage all who I meet to do.


Because Love of Self allows you to illustrate to the world what love is.

Ever fly a plane? Then you know that part when the flight attendants tell us to put the oxygen masks on ourselves FIRST in case of an emergency. Because we can’t rescue others if we can’t breathe ourselves.

So this post is to guide you into learning how to love yourself First, Best and ALWAYS.


Well, you may be thinking to yourself: What can I DO To love myself FIRST?

Well. it’s easier than you may think. And more fun too! Choose one thing you would like to do for yourself either before you start your day or before you end it.

How about eating a piece of pie (YES in the morning if you so choose! :-))? Or how about reading a chapter in your favorite childhood book? Or calling that friend who always makes you laugh? Give yourself that 15 minutes of mini-adventure each and every day. Without fail.

Now…How to love yourself BEST? Actually, that may be a bit tougher. So many times, I support people who start off as so self-deprecating that it’s sometimes challenging to lift them up. So I teach that when they do their 15 minutes adventure, to choose the most childlike fun they have had. Jump in a mud puddle in the rain! Sing at the top of their lungs! Off key! Make a snow angel! When you do that which brings you joy, you ARE loving yourself best!

And finally, How do you love yourself ALWAYS?

By never letting yourself down when it comes to infusing a bit of joy in your life each and every day.

For once you get into the practice and habit of self love, others will follow and jump into your mud puddles too!

Would you like more guidance into applying this philosophy into your life?

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