In one of the posts for the Tucson Psychic & Healing Fair, I said that no gypsies would be allowed to be readers at the show. Several people asked what that was all about. I have known many gypsies when I was an IRS tax collector. They had issues with ever paying their taxes.

I found that their clients paid them vast amounts of cash and that they traded on the “fear factor.” I worked for the IRS and they use fear also. They are there to make sure that you are always unbalanced by fear, and they are the only lifeline that you have in the world. Then they hook you, and you pay more and more money to them.

Then they start demanding things from your pictures of family, family trees, and financial information. They work their way into your life and then bleed you dry. Below is a perfect example of the script that a gypsy would use on social media.

Gypsies like to move around every year or two and then vanish. You can always tell them by the bright neon sign in the window that is flashing, “PSYCHIC.” That and the fact that you feel creepy walking into their space and creepy and afraid when you leave.

Here is how they usually find people on the internet; this is a typical script. These are usually unsolicited.


Hello are you interested in a psychic reading? I take up a lot of energy from your picture I would love to give you some insight and clarity and I don’t really reach out to people it’s my spirit that direct me to you that after this reading something good will happen in your life think you might need a reading What’s your Zodaic sign love

What part of your life do you need clarity on to get a reading?
General life reading ?
Love/Relationship reading ?
Future reading ?
Present/Past reading ?
Job/Profession ?

Then when you ask how much this costs, they usually say, “How much do you wish to donate?” Or sometimes, they will ask for $50-$80, depending on what part of the country you are in.  Then they tell you that you have a curse on your family tree or that your dog will soon die or other lies to extrapolate money out of your pocket.

Don’t be gullible. I Have seen people who have lost tens of thousands of dollars to these people.

So this explains why you will never find people like this at our show.