Night Time Visitors

Everyone I talk to has had dreams or visions that or seen things that they could not explain. Often this happens at night and can be as scary as hell at first. There are good voices and dreams, and visions and then then there are scary, nasty awful dreams. Spirits are just like people only they have no body. There are good and bad spirits. Just because someone who died does not necessarily make them a warm, fuzzy angel. They are in spirit what they were in life. Some good some bad, just like people.

I could talk about this for days. I have had much spirit traffic in my life and especially in my bedroom. I had a friend who observed me when I was asleep who said that I had 3 angels with swords on one shoulder and two demons on the other shoulder fighting. The angels always won, but it makes for a crazy sleep.

Recently I had a spirit who called himself “The Squire who waved a finger in front of my stomach- when I asked what he was doing he said “I bring Light to the Dark.” After that some health issues that I was having in that are cleared up.

Another time when I was worn out from trying to share the cares of the world, I felt a female presence- an angel? get into bed with me and spoon me – All night long. It was not sexual, it was a feeling of love- total unconditional love. She had served as a blotter to draw out the poisons of life that were seeking to consume me.

Many things happen when you are asleep, and many dreams and visions you have can be scary but they must be interrupted to understand them.  I can help guide you in your spiritual/soul growth. Please call me at 520-668-3243 and we can get started.