My latest book Gifts of the Spirit – My Mission as a Healer is now available on Amazon and Kindle. This book is the story of my life and how I was born with the gift of intuition, knowing, and seeing. In fact, I grew to have all of the Spiritual Gifts that are talked about in the 1st Corinthians in the Bible. As I grew up in thee 1960’s a person who had these gifts was looked at funny or some people were even scared of the information that I could see.

My parents tried to protect me and told me I was just making up stories in my head. But I talked about God and love and peace and other lives that I had lived at four years old. My parents told me that was the “work of the devil”. and eventually I was forced to go underground in my own mind, to quiet the voices and the spiritual information that I had.

I soon learned that society does think you are great if you say things like, “I have a gut feeling,” or “my intuition is telling me this or that.” So I quietly used my feelings and knowing about things in my work, as a tax collector for the Internal Revenue Service. I knew when people where lying to me, I also knew how to use my internal information to bring tax cheats to justice. But it all had to be hush-hush.

Then at the age of 40, my gifts could no longer be contained. I announced publicly that I was a psychic, and a medium, and could do hands on healing, working with the energy of the Holy Spirit. My life rapidly began to change after that.  I felt that I was in a school of learning all the time.

So I decided to write this book about what happened and how I was able to reawaken my clients to the energy already surrounding them. I have a collection of many great stories and healing techniques that will allow you to love yourself first, best and always. 

Gifts of the Spirit – My Mission as a Healer is available on Kindle and Amazon.