So How Do I Meditate?  


How SHOULD I Meditate?


What do I keep doing WRONG?

Ummm… Nothing. You are doing ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong

Ummm…Except…Maybe…You’re not having fun with it.

See, a lot of people assume they have to be in yoga pants that don’t fit surrounded by people who CAN fit in their yoga pants and say “oooohhhhmmmmm” like three thousand times.

Well, that’s one way.

Ask yourself…What’s MY WAY? (Please don’t burst into Fran Sinatra’s song, “I did it MY WAY!!” People are going to look at you strange! :-)) DO, however, create a form of meditation that IS your way!

What IS “Meditation”?

Meditation basically means to focus.

Not necessarily to stand still. After all, Tai Chi is a form of meditation, isn’t it?

So you can choose what you wish to focus on AND for how long .

Ways to Meditate

CHOOSE!  Let these ideas get you started:

  1. Light a candle and admire the myriad of colors that appear in the light (Just don’t leave it unattended)
  2. Play with your kids!
  3. Play “Catch” with your dog! (Or cat if they’ve trained you well enough!)
  4. Heck, play with your Significant Other!
  5. Water your front or back yards. Admire how your plants thrive when you focus on receiving nourishment from you!
  6. Bake! Grill! Fry!
  7. Dance!
  8. Take a shower or a bath!
  9. Play an instrument!
  10. Take a freakin’ NAP! (The ULTIMATE form of meditation in my opinion!)
  11. Pray!
  12. Read ( REAL book! OH, the HORROR!)
  13. Knit! Sew! Crochet!
  14. Swim! Play Touch Football! Volleyball! Baseball! Basketball!

Get it?!?

Doing what you enjoy IS meditation!

Another one of my favorite ways to meditate with my eyes open is to (safely) look at the mountains while driving certain stretches of road in Arizona.

Or when I go for a walk, I look up to watch the birds fly or look down to watch the ants carry.

Watch. Listen. Do. Wonder. Meditate!

Yet another way to love yourself First, Best and….ALWAYS!