Make Your Deli Order Right Here

A deli is a great place to find love. Imagine you go in and make your order and they will prepare whatever you want to delight your taste buds.

The same goes when you want a new relationship. If you are serious about attracting someone special into your life, I advise my clients that they should imagine going into a deli and ordering the perfect sandwich. They order everything that they want and do not mention what they do not want. Then they go and pay for it. And then…what do you think happens next? They go sit down and wait for their order. They have full faith and confidence that the deli worker will make them exactly what they want and maybe even give them a free pickle or potato salad on the side as well.

If you keep saying that you “want” or “need” a new relationship, it will delay its coming. Like that old saying “a watched pot never boils.”

Once you have told the universe what you desire in a partner, you must be ready to wait. Knowing that your order was received and is being processed. Delivery will be made to you on the correct day at the proper time. But first you must be open and ready to receive.

As you journey forward in life you will see that the more you love yourself, first best and always, the better you will feel. The more you clear out your old emotional and mental clutter the faster new and great opportunities will start to arise in your life.

That is what happens in my readings, I am able to see all those old feelings and emotions that you have stuffed in your closets. I help you to empty them out. Call me today at 520-668-3243.