Make Anger Your Slave-Not Your Master


Does anger come up in your everyday life?

My whole life there have been people, ideas, and events that have made me subsequently angry. From a young age, I was taught certain ideas and concepts that were unjust and I was supposed to believe them. I was told that men were better than women and that is why men are paid more, who thought that one up? It angers me how we treat women as weak, irrational, emotional, and inferior to males unless we want them for sexual pleasure. Even with these teachings, it has never been clear to me why people discriminate against minorities while looking down upon others for being different.

Watching how some churches discriminate against certain people who do not believe exactly what they believe angered me as well. I’ve seen and worked with many people who have been abused spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually both in and out of churches. In fact, the more light shone on these inhumane deeds; the angrier I got. Then Donald Trump, a person who best represents all of these is suddenly in the White House. Even worse, with a group of supporters and fellow politicians who are short-sighted if not also evil as well! (oops I forgot anti-Muslim and anti-Semitism, anti-Chinese) Immediately, I felt anger and hatred for Trump. Eventually, I realized what a gift he was to the USA. He represents all that is wrong and bad in humanity. Trump will make people angry and that will cause a major change in society as a whole.

Coming to a realization

Naturally, I am very sensitive to the energies of other people, so this hurt me inside even more. It made me feel powerless and very alone socially. Nothing was going the way I thought it should go in a society with such great wealth, power, education, and knowledge. Hence me going through the “I’m mad as hell- and I’m not going to take it anymore” stage. But unfortunately, I was hardly able to rouse my fellow citizens. I could fan the embers of the dream of democracy in the USA, but I could not get it re-lit.

Slowly, I realized more and more that I was not just mad, but I had repressed my anger and rage from my childhood. Being raised Catholic I also felt guilty about feeling mad, I mean who was I anyway? Didn’t Jesus have it worse than me? Yes, for like three days, but many people around me were suffering sometimes in cruel and unusual ways for all the years of their lives.

So, I was tired of feeling tired of all the shit around me. I had to let the anger go to save my own life, physically and emotionally.

How I ultimately bettered and changed my outlook for good

With time I began to see anger as a gift from the Holy Spirit. Surely God had allowed me anger so that I could suffer from it, learn from it, and then help teach others about it.

The anger itself was the fuel to fire this engine of change. I just had to confront those things that hurt me and my fellow human beings and say “No.” to institutionalized sexism, racism, financial inequalities and so much else that is allowed and even encouraged in America. We had become blind to those who were right in front of us- washing our cars, mowing our lawns, serving our meals; all with low wages, no benefits, no future, and no health insurance. It was time to speak up. Once I started talking, others felt as if their voices were finally being heard too.

Anger became a gift from the Holy Spirit that changed my whole life.

Anger can make for an ugly mess if not used properly

Anger can ignite fear, hate, and violence but not if it is surrounded by unconditional love.

You have to decide what to do in your own life, take control. Sometimes it is good to be quiet and obedient. Other times it is better to yell when you see injustice and others doing hurtful or evil acts. By not being afraid of my anger anymore, I was able to embrace it, even thank it for triggering me to higher thoughts and actions. Therefore allowing me to motivate others to higher levels. Anger combined with unconditional love and acceptance of others allowed me to save myself and help support others as we all strive for an end to times like these where man or woman is judged on their color, religion, nationality, or economic level.

We cannot allow those practicing evil against us or our brothers and sisters to continue. Righteous anger, indignation, and protest are also gifts that we can share with others to wake them up to a brighter future.

Use anger as a tool when appropriate. But mostly think of anger as a sword safely sheathed on your side. Nothing will ever be as perfect as I might like to be for all of us. Create your own place on earth where you practice what you preach. Part of that is my posts on Facebook, I hope you enjoy. Join me in making anger your servant, not your master in your future.