Life is hard sometimes but never hopeless. never give up- make a new plan- get a fresh start!

I know that you have been going through some rough times lately. Too much time spent with family does not always make for warm and fuzzy feelings later in the day.

Day after day we wake family up, clean up, eat several times a day and get things done. But we never have this much to sit and think and worry and desire.  We think that COVID-19 is the enemy, but maybe your whole life is your enemy right now.

Have you cleaned out every space in your home or ignored them all for a cruising Netflix? Either way, you still have a lot of time left, where it is just you and your family and your brain and worry and fear.  But really it seems like all this time you have left in your day and your troubles in falling asleep is really your enemy.

When Rich Schickel does counseling or a reading for you, he always asks “What is Your Mission?” What is your plan for yourself in life right now? Is it the grind of your daily life is that what brings you joy, at least most of the time? What is your plan to be of service to yourself and others at this time in your life?

Having a plan changes your whole existence. Have a talk with the people who are closet to you about what your plan, your desire, and mission is for this time in your life. See if it interests them also. Then be prepared to listen to what they hope for in life.

If you need help focusing on what your Mission is call Rich Schickel at 520-668-3243 or email him at He can meet with you on the phone, in his office or on Skype.