Life After Life – Is Reincarnation Your Journey?

60% of Americans believe in reincarnation. Are you one of them? Reincarnation is something that just sneaks up on you. You don’t deliberately start thinking about it, but a series of fortunate events usually leads you to discover that not only do you have the life you are living in your present body, but you have in fact had many previous bodies, hundreds or thousands even.  You usually discover this through your interests and tastes in your current life.


Some people might be attracted to certain areas of the globe or the people who live there. They may have characteristics or knowledge of things that they have no knowledge, experience or exposure to in their current life and circumstances. Sometimes people have dreams or visions of living in other times.  A dream might show faces of people that you knew in past lives and loved and lost. Dreams like that are very confusing at first, because while you would still feel the love or hate etc., you would have no clue who those people where or why they were in your dream.

It is very curious how reincarnation comes to you. In a series of small memories you will begin to construct your old life or at least parts of it. I do past life hypnosis with my clients to help them understand reincarnation and how it affects them today. It is very interesting- always- and causes the client and me to learn so much.

I have witnessed profound healing spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically taking place during and after these sessions.  I always refer clients to the work of Dr. Brian Weiss a well respected MD and Psychiatrist who has worked with thousands of patients and has facilitated their healing due to past life memories, feelings and emotions.  Call Richard Schickel at 520-668-3243.