Life is What You Make It

Life is what you make it. Life can be about love and suffering, joy and work, listening and understanding. Life is a mishmash of all these things. The goal is to have a life well lived, filled with work that you are good at and enjoy, people around you that you love and trust, and a life that provides you with opportunities to love and serve other people.

Everyone in life has experienced shame, pain, guilt, and abuse. Verbal abuse is the most common.

Sometimes people have been hurt through their own actions, or they have been hurt, used, or abused by other people. No one deserves this, ever.

There are no reasons or excuses to be mean or cruel to another person, not ever. What I deal with in my spiritual consulting work is the aftermath and the accumulation of what has happened to people.  “Often, I see where mental, verbal, physical, and emotional pain result in physical illnesses. My client then thinks this is yet another attack or dark force.

I have found that it is not the pain and abuse that you have suffered but what you do about it that will decide if you can remain a fully functional person.

A person must learn to get over themselves to get past the drama and trauma that they have suffered. This can be very difficult.  It can take many years or can happen over a shorter time.

It really depends on how motivated they are to get out of their old mindset, their old thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

It is all about learning to love themselves first, best, and always. Not in some narcissistic way, but because they are learning to value themselves, and this is part of the process of self-care.  I think that prayers, contemplation, and meditations will cause great life changes to happen in a short amount of time.  It is work, but it is also worth it.

What I have found that works is to bless the person or situations that hurt you and turn them over to God, maybe they don’t deserve that, but you do it out of self-love. My Disconnection of Cord Procedure, found on my website, can make this happen. It can change your life in an instant.  Call me, Rich Schickel, at 520-668-3243 for guidance.