Learning to heal yourself is hard! Learning how to forgive and forget is beyond possible for many people. But that depletes them and eventually makes them sick.  Here is what can be done about it.
Has someone wounded you or tried to take away your peace? Bless them, but don’t suffer them long. My disconnection of cords method is very effective at freeing you from those who seek to destroy you.
One of the greatest gifts and blessings you can do for yourself and for another person is to disconnect spiritual, emotion, mental, physical and ethereal cords with them. This allows you to see them as they really are in the present life. It resolves old karmic connections and debt, and has been known to change people’s lives and relationships for the better. Disconnecting means forgiving them, praying for them and turning them over to God with love. You can also disconnect with your old self, your old emotions (self-defeating habits, anger, worry, fear, depression and anxiety) and people who have used or abused you.
Over the next three days you will see the person you are blessing in the Disconnection with new vision that will allow you to see who they truly are in this life. You will release old feelings, allowing for a fresh start in the relationship, if you choose.
Begin by asking God to bless and protect all involved in this process.
Then say: “Please come here in Spirit ____________” and read your list of names. You can call them out in spirit since spirit is not attached to their body.
The person or persons you are blessing will gather in spirit on your right side. On your left side is the Golden Doorway to Heaven.
Then say: “I’m doing this with the Love and Light of God.
As I set you free, you must set me free.
No two spirits should hold each other as we have.
Now it’s time to let go.
I undo all that I have created in you.
I owe you nothing and you owe me nothing. All is forgiven.”
Then tell the person you love them and bless them, and anything else you want to tell them.
Then say: “I dissolve all cords, contracts, commitments, agreements, vows, spells, curses and all other karmic connections with love. All connections between me and ________ (read your list) are null and void.
Remove any resistance and help us to let go.
You are no longer allowed in my energy on any level of my being
unless you come with the Love and Light of God.”
“Anything you do in any way to harm me or those around me will reflect back to you, and you and that which stands behind you will absorb all karma.
Whether it be by your actions or the actions of others created by you,
You and that which stands behind you will absorb all karma.”
Next, call in the Archangel Michael to cut the cords and the Archangel Raphael to help heal your situation.
Then say: “I let you go, and
now undo all that I have created in you.
I set you free.”
Then say: “God – I give you ____ (read the list) — He/She/They are no longer my responsibility.
Take them where they need to go, to heal and grow.
I will not hold you anymore.
I set you free.
Go into the Light!”
When you feel this has happened, say: “Amen” or “So Be It” three times.
Then envision a giant bubble around you that protects you from any reconnection. Stay in the bubble for seven days. Do not discuss past or emotional issues with the person you are dissolving from. This will let you decide if you want them in the future.
The cord-cutting gives you an opportunity to speak to the person safely and truthfully, without fear, while they are in Spirit form. You can say what you need to say, release what you need to release, express your love for them, and then turn them over to God. It is important to forgive the other person for whatever they have done against you. I used to tell people that they needed to forgive, not necessarily forget. However, that was short-sighted advice because while the forgiving part usually comes along, it creates another cord. We want to get rid of all those cords. This is important because once you release it is not something that will come up in your memory and is simply part of your past.
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