I Know Who You Really Are


Know yourself! That is what my spiritual gifts has given me, the ability to see who you really are. Behind the face that you present to the world or the body. I know who you really are the instant I talk to you or see you. People with similar gifts and abilities always recognize each other. It is a gift. I have walked up to complete strangers and recognized people like me just shaking their hand or looking in their eyes. I know that over the years, they have discovered that they are different. They may think that they are strange, weird, crazy, or even have been diagnosed with some mental disorder. But I know who they really are.

These are people who are empathic and highly sensitive, they are people who have a large chunk of the God energy glowing in their heart. I can see it. I can feel it. I benefit from them being alive.  Some may also have the gifts of being a psychic or a medium. Some are healers, they just don’t know it yet.

When I meet a person like this I tell them that they are completely normal they just don’t know it yet, because they have been comparing themselves to the 95% of the other people that they have little in common with. I tell them that they are part of the 5% of the population that loves and cares for everyone, who feels and suffers for those in need or those going without. They pick up other peoples emotions, whether they understand it or not. They have a huge connection to the creator energy that some would call “God.”

After I have talked to such a person, they often tell me that they feel different and not so alone, not so strange, not so different. This “knowing,” allows them to have great access to the energy. I explain to them that the God energy will start coming through them at the top of their head and work its way down their body. When they feel that energy going down through them and they share it with other people, it will make them feel and look younger, healthier and hornier. These are the by-products of the energy.  Call Rich Schickel today at 520-668-3243 to get started.