I am here to help you. I am here to help you love yourself first best and always. I am here to open you up to the stream of free healing energy that is instantly available once you open yourself to receiving it. I show you how to open your heart and shut down your brain/ego.

When you open your heart and quiet your mind then love will come into your life. Love and blessings and more energy than you could have ever dreamed of. But you must figure our how to make your self ready to receive this energy.

You might be seeking an ideal partner, a great job, a great home, financial security and abundance, you might be seeking a better life for yourself and your family. You have to change your mind and change your attitude before you can access this stream of positive energy. My book Gifts of the Spirit – My Mission As A Healer available on Kindle and Amazon will provide you with the road map that you need to find your way to true unconditional love first to yourself and then to all those around you. It is easier than you think.

Each of us has a vibration that attracts those with a similar vibration. So like Benjamin Franklin said- “Lay down with dogs, wake up with flies.”

Now reading my book or calling me for a reading can help you get started. But right now as you read this I am sending you unconditional love and acceptance and sharing the blessings that I have with you.

Getting started is the hardest part. It takes baby steps at first. But when you embrace my methods and the process you will attract the people and events that you desire and dream about in your life.

So today I would like you to find a quiet place and then just dream about all the people and events that you desire be in your life. Just dream and dream big. Make a list. Lets get started.