Learning how to be your own best friend is very easy and also very hard. It requires that you evaluate all the things that you like about yourself and all the things that you do not like about yourself. Then you evaluate them. Just like you would if a new person came into your life. You probably have certain ideas of what you would like in a friend. What you desire and what you will not tolerate.

So then I have clients do a cord-cutting with their old selves. This is found in my book on Amazon and Kindle – called Gifts of the Spirit- My Mission as a Healer. It explains how you can bless the things that you have in your behaviors and habits that do not serve you and then turn them over to God. So that you let God deal with them.

Releasing your old baggage allows you access to things that you might want to include in your future life. It allows you to pave the way to your own future. Not subject to what your parents or minister or society told you that you should be.

When I do a spiritual reading with a client, a lot of old stuff comes up and I imagine that I have a huge vacuum and I am sucking it all out and replacing it with the Love and Light of God.

When you decide to be your own best friend you are putting out an intention to the universe that you deserve better in your life. If you desire learning, passion and understanding then you will not have a place for all the old drama that made up your  old life.

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