Heal or die! How do you feel today? Do you feel happy, joyous, satisfied, ecstatic about where you are in life? Or are you distracted, bored, lonely, ashamed, depressed or hurt? It takes all of these emotions  to make a complete human existence.

So if you want to put yourself in a better place, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, you should recognize those thoughts and behaviors that cause troubles to be in your life. It is liking cleaning out a closet that you have wanted to tackle for a very long time, but have not yet gotten around to it.

When you make time to begin to deal with your fears and worries, you will find that it is easier to let them go and turn them over to God than it is to hold on to them all the time. It is very hard to let go of feelings and emotions that are hard won lessons. Like the victory that you feel after a failed love affair or marriage. Letting old “stuff” go makes you more able to deal with current events in your life. Believe me those will take up enough of your time as it is.  There is no need to do anything, but release those old demons that still trouble you.

Usually that means releasing the fear and the anger that you have to a person or people or a situation. What works best for me and for my clients is to pray and meditate and allow ourselves to be shown what is troubling us. Then with a contrite heart turn it over to God.  Very good idea, and very simple when you are ready to release the guilt, the blame and the regret.

Here is my Miracle Prayer- this will get you ready to release. We will talk about how more in a future blog. Or you can buy my book, Gifts of the Spirit – My Mission as a Healer. Richard Schickel at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Kindle.

The Miracle Prayer


Dear Lord Jesus

I come before you just as I am.

I am sorry for my faults and shortcomings.

I regret all the times when I did not act out of love for myself and others.

Help me to forgive myself.

I renounce the darkness, evil and illness that seeks my attention.

I surround all those around me who have used or abused me with love.

I turn them over to you.  They cannot hurt me anymore.

I will strive to love myself first, best and always.

Heal me, change me, and strengthen me in body, mind, soul and spirit.



-Richard M. Schickel