Holy Oil Can Change Your Life

During a reading/healing session with me, the word “God” is usually mentioned. Just the word often causes my client’s backbone to tighten up. God has been sold to them in many ways. Including ministers, priests, rabbis, and churches that have actually hurt them and their spiritual growth.

Many would like to avoid the whole subject of “God.” The way I explain it is that God is the energy of unconditional love, the free-flowing stream of good and bad, the energy of the Creator of everything that we see. You can try to put a name on “God” But really- who are you to name this unseeable energy. Another description of God’s energy is the “Holy Spirit.” This is action energy. Other cultures describe this as “chi” or “prana.” So simply acknowledging that the is this energy is often enough to start the stream of energy coming in greater amounts to my client.

This is called “going with the flow.” Being connected with the “life force” of all that is. I use this as part of my reading/healing process. I use the ancient tradition called- “Being Baptized in the Holy Spirit.”

The process works like this. I ask permission to anoint them with the Holy Oil that I have prepared according to the recipe found in the Bible. I explain that I will dab or make the sign of the Cross on their forehead (third eye) and the palms of their hands four times.

I follow the tradition laid out by Jesus in Pentecost.  I was anointed, by a Priest myself. I say: I bless you in the name of the Divine Father, the Divine Mother, the Son (the combination of all the male and female energy- the Christ Energy) and the Holy Spirit.

Most clients feel a tingling when this is applied and heat and they start to feel different. Then in the days that follow they feel better, are able to think more clearly and new thoughts, feelings, and emotions enter them. Lives are changed once they are reconnected to the “life force.”

This may work for you also. Call Rich Schickel to discuss connecting to this energy for your life. 520-668-3243.