Do you know how I believe karma works? It is whatever acts you do or fail to do in your life to yourself and others. It can come back at you in future lives and relationships so that you are forced to confront it and make peace with the other person.
There is also group or collective karma. This means that if you live in a country or state or region that has practiced bad things on other people, that there is a stain against you, even today. Like people in Virginia who were slaveholders when it was legal. They would have karma with those slaves. But also their neighbors who did not own slaves are also colored by that same karma of injustice.
The Bible talks about sins of the fathers going 6 generations into the future. This is probably what is happening in America today, we never really resolved the slave issue or the other issues of the Civil War. (and no it was not the War Of Northern Aggression)


There are many occasions where this happened. To the German people whose country killed so many people for various non-reasons during WWII and even the people of the USA whose country dropped atomic bombs in Japan.

This is karma that we must deal with in the future. I like to remain hopeful that God will present us with future events when we are able to come together as civil human beings and resolve old hurts and crimes. One tool that you can use to resolve old karma is to identify it, and then chose to resolve it. That is what is I wrote my Disconnection of Cords Procedure for in my book Gifts of the Spirit – My Mission as a Healer.

You can stop feeding old energies and thought of events that did not help you in life, by saying that you are sorry. Being contrite and forgiving also helps. Tears come in many cases when you do this.

Hidden karmic memories are sometimes exposed during past life hypnosis, which I offer as part of my practice. Call Rich Schickel at 520-668-3243 to dicuss if you are interested.