Forget your troubles-come on get happy! Easy to say right? What are your troubles today?   I bet they go way beyond COVID-19.  Learn how to forget your troubles and get happy! Like the troubles that COVID-19 brings to the world are hard on us all. But the troubles and pain of job loss, job insecurity, income insecurity, and food shortages are enough to worry you into your grave.   But you have not given up, not know, not ever. Because other people are not as strong as you and you are here on earth to be of service to others and even sometimes of service to yourself.

And so  at our motto is- “Love Yourself First, Best and Always.” If you are reading this blog, you already know that you are different. You are the man or woman that cares too much, loves too much, and shares too much with anyone in need in your life. Often you give away all your time, energy, and attention and forget to save any for yourself. Which is why you are probably laying on your couch reading this, as you are exhausted from another day.

So-That is not good! Please stop doing that. You are doing your service work or unconditional love mostly from the power inside of yourself. So the fact is that the older you get, the harder it becomes to even have enough energy to power you, let alone all the people you attract for your healing touch or soothing words.

Join Rich Schickel today as he blesses you and your works. Call Rich at 520-668-3243 for counseling and healing. He will listen and he has your back. You need support in your life and in your mission to help others. Let Rich help you to connect to the higher energies -powers of the Universe to not only keep you going but also to enable you to continue to help others.  If you are experiencing financial hardship, call anyway. If you need help Rich will help.

If it is time for you to be happy again- send Rich a message at to get started.