How do you feel about yourself today? How do you feel when you are bored? Sometimes we all get bored, bored and more bored.

In the human race, we find two predominate types- the bores and the bored. What is boredom? Boredom is nature’s way of telling you to do something better with your life…its an early warning sign that either you must go on growing or you will die bored and boring.

It is said that the average person only uses about 10% of their potential-no wonder we’re bored.

Do you want the leave the horde of bores and the bored?  Here are some tips:

-Don’t cover up your boredom with compulsive sex, eating, shopping, drinking, drugs or sitting like a bump on a log staring at television.

-Identify why you are bored- what part of your life needs some love and attention?

Sometimes people feel lost and alone or defeated because of feelings and events that have happened in their lives. Sometimes, drama and depression cause you to start to shut down and retreat into yourself.

Sometimes you have to sit in your chair and just release what is bothering you or frustrating you or boring you. I think that we all have vivid thoughts and imaginations, but they get stuck when they are not used.  Go back in your mind to a time when you felt excited and happy and had dreams and goals. It may be many years before for some people. No problem. It is getting back to the place where you were excited and happy. Then think about what you would have done differently in your life. Not in a negative, blaming way but it is like picking up a snake that bites- you decide that some things are not worth doing a second time.

Many people that I work with get bound up in the events of their past, they forget how to navigate their way into their own future.

That is where I come in, my readings and my gifts of intuition and foresight can quickly get you rebalances and excited for the future. Call Rich Schickel at 520-668-3243 to get started.