I LOVE the feeling when I unblock an emotional pain from myself! What a Spiritual Relief! Or when I get to help another unblock their pain! Right now! It’s what I love doing. That is what makes ME happy! Relieving others’ pain. Because they get to know what it feels like to be healed. What it feels like to be free of the burden of guilt, secrets, doubts, and self-sabotage.

You too, can have pain released once you have a clearer understanding of what it is and its original emotional root.

I remember when a colleague of  mine shared with me a time when one of her clients came to the office limping.

My colleague asked her client pointed questions and, using her medical intuition, was able to decipher that her client’s emotional pain was that of her feeling trapped, chained up, enslaved. And that her ankle pain represented shackles. So my colleague pretended to unlock the key to her pain as if she was unlocking literal shackles. When she left, her ankle pain was gone.

She left… HAPPY!


Because she was taught the emotional root of her physical pain. Once she figured it out, she was free, empowered, and healed.

You too can release your burdens. And I can help. It’s important that you decide ahead of our scheduled appointment that you are ready to hear, see and experience things differently. I am known for turning people’s life perspective upside down. That will expedite your healing process. Allowing you to release your pain. Once and for all.

Call me now to learn how to love yourself First, Best, and ALWAYS!

I look forward to helping you with your spiritual healing process!

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