“I feel like I’m in Prison”!This was what one of my associate’s clients shared with her. Her client’s boyfriend got into a car accident that was so bad that, seven months later, as of today, he’s still there. And for him, that’s imprisonment. And to him, he might as well be in there for life. Because he can’t go anywhere. Or do anything that he wants.

I believe that we all have, at one time or another, emotionally imprisoned ourselves.

We stop believing in ourselves. We start to believe negative self-talk and the talk and the looks that people sometimes give us in the form of perceived disapproval.

That’s imprisonment.

Remember as a young child when you were bullied in the playground and then were afraid to go out whenever recess came around?

That’s imprisonment.

Ever feel stuck in a job and stayed because you didn’t think you could financially do any better?

That too is imprisonment.

Prison bars and key chain SOURCE: https://www.aclu.org/blog/mass-incarceration/smart-justice/my-son-has-been-prison-30-years-parole-reform-could-bring-him

Please don’t give up on yourself.

All is not lost.

There IS a way to free yourself.

It’s Simple. And Difficult. And Brave. Very Brave.

SOURCE: https://www.providr.com/crazy-girl-arrested-2

What is the one thing that you can do to free yourself?

So how can you release yourself from your shackles of fear, doubt, anxiety, emotional and spiritual pain?

Safely and without judgment?


I am an Emotional Healer.

I am also an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor.

Combined, these roles have become my Calling.

My Purpose.

I too, have emotionally imprisoned myself.

Many times.

From Success. From Love. From Abundance. And from Self-Acceptance, among other things.

And now that I have unlocked my own jail of misery and self-doubt, I would like to support you in your journey to do the same.

Let my personal experiences, knowledge and teachings help guide you to the emotional independence you seek and deserve.

Together, through Spiritual Guidance, Support and Universal Love, you will be able to embrace your power of self-worth,                              self-empowerment and free and clear thinking in no time!

Call me to set up an appointment with me and learn how to…

Love Yourself First, Best and ALWAYS!


Until we speak,