Empathic People Need a Break From Time To Time


My experience as an empath is that it was easier to withdraw from the world for a period of time, to protect myself. I had long felt a temptation to pull away from people and become a hermit. But my life and career required me to be in daily contact with people.

So instead of dropping out, I starting dropping friends and even family who were broadcasting a different and harmful energy. This might have been an energy of abuse, negativity, depression, or attacks on me directly. I avoided places and situations that I had enjoyed before.

In short, I started learning how to love myself first, best and always. But just because I dropped out as much as I could, I still had obligations to people who needed me, time, attention, money, ideas. So when I had to have contacts, I would imagine that I was in a big bubble filled with love and I would be able to be in those situations with minimum damage. I learned to commune with nature and my Creator Energy.

For most of us, we are not here to enjoy a stress free life of contemplation and prayer. We are here to learn how to love, how to be loved and finally how to love others unconditionally and without expectation of reward (their approval, money, sex, emotional rewards.) So I hope that if you have withdrawn, that you are soon reconditioned and back in shape to serve us with your love again. But on your terms this time.

Google the word Empathic and Sensitive Person and read as much as you can, because you will learn that while you may be different from other people, you are not strange or crazy. Just different in the best way. Call me if you need any help reconnecting. Richard Schickel at 520-668-3243