Pain comes in many forms.

By definition, “pain” equivocates to “physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury”.

Broken Foot


That’s not the pain I’m talking about however. I’m talking about the emotional pain and suffering that happens when we ignore our mental health and spiritual well being. Well, I’ve discovered a powerful way that will help you to alleviate your pain in just one step!

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The following is an excerpt from the “Heal Yourself with Writing” on-line course by Catherine Ann Jones

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How do we learn to “feed” the stories that heal?
 How do we put together the pieces of the past? How can we rewrite our life story so that pain becomes meaningful and actually promotes growth and transformation?

One answer lies in Focused Journaling.

This course offers a step-by-step journey of discovery and re-visioning through Focused Journaling. Throughout this course, the reader will be presented with writing exercises designed to facilitate healing and transformation. In this way, global healing takes place one individual, one tribe, at a time.

Negative patterns sometimes evolve for a reason. A child growing up in an alcoholic and/or abusive environment may create a wall around him or her for protection. Such defensive methods may actually ensure surviving emotionally and physically through challenging and threatening times in our lives. Years pass, however, and though now safe, these walls and other defensive mechanisms may sabotage our personal and professional lives. The wall is no longer needed yet it remains. It has become habitual. The first step is to become aware of what we have built around us. What stories we continue to tell ourselves to fortify the wall. Stories from the past live on in us long after the cause or effect is gone.

Think of a difficult event in your life, now past. Feel within the emotions associated with the person or event. Now visualize stepping back and see yourself telling the old story. Ask who is telling the story? Now choose to write a new version from where you are now standing, some distance away. Take all the time you need for this process.

As we grow these negative, protective patterns outlive their use. Then as maturity comes, we seek to create new, healthier patterns. It’s not that the negative patterns leave, they simply go dormant, and the new healthier patterns take over, as it were. We learn, as the old grandfather did, to feed the good wolf. It makes sense to accept this and have compassion for not only the old negative patterns but for the child or young adult who needed them at the time.

Only when old patterns which no longer serve are released can new ones emerge. Sometimes new, healthier habits must be in place before releasing the old ones.

Please know that I am here to help you discover and release those patterns that no longer serve. Know that I am here and “hear” to CELEBRATE YOU… Loving Yourself First, Best and ALWAYS!