The Quote:

Don’t think you are. Know you are.

The above empowering quote is from the movie “The Matrix” released back in 1999 said by the fictional character “Morpheus” played by Laurence Fishburne:

Morph by Rus1K

Art Source: “Morph” by Rus1K

This quote, the entire movie in fact, is based on how it’s time to no longer question who you are. No longer wonder who you are. Instead, accept and embrace who you are is the real message.

What you do…

…about who you are is key. “Where do I start?” you may ask. Start with your…


Decide what gets you up in the morning! Whatever you choose has to INSPIRE you! And believe it or not, it may even anger you. That’s a form of passion too. For example, if you are angered about abandoned and abused pets, let that drive stimulate your desire to volunteer at a animal shelter or vet clinic. Become a lobbyist for better ordinances and laws to support those with no human voices or representation.

“Don’t Think You Are”

Don’t think that you are a mom or a dad. Or an employee or an employer. Or smart. Or special. Or spiritual. Or witty. Or a myriad of talents, gifts and skills that you only think you possess.

“KNOW You Are”

See, in my spiritual counseling practice, that’s all I do. I teach you how to KNOW who you are. It’s a discovery. A journey. And my style is fun interwoven with serious insights. You deserve to create your life as fun with insights to increase the joy in your life.

That’s what I do for you. That’s what I am here for. That’s MY passion!

So, Take The Red Pill.

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Be like Neo. Start your adventure. I will guide, support and protect you throughout. And like Neo, it’s time to get out of your own way so you can discover your passion and design an even better life for yourself. You are not alone. And just like Neo and Morpheous we’re in this together.

You deserve to love yourself First, Best and ALWAYS!